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The Link between Happiness and Resilience and 10 ways to Build Resilience

Hi everyone! Having gone through some stressful times lately, I find myself thinking of resilience. Happier people are more resilient! Building our resilience is a tried and tested method within … [Read more...]

Flourishing in Life, Love and Work…

I am back with more news from the field of Positive Psychology.  Today's blog will be about how Positive Psychology techniques help us in all areas of life. The research is showing us great things … [Read more...]

Introduction to Happiness and Success

I am so excited to share with you what I am learning about Optimism, happiness, personal success and satisfaction! Happiness and success, we now know, are related. How we define success differs but... … [Read more...]

Happiness is a Choice…

This is my first blog post!! I am so excited to begin this chapter. The Field of Positive Psychology is a part of the field with regards to research that we can really use day to day!! It turns out … [Read more...]