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Savoring: An Intervention for Anxiety and Depression!

Savoring Sunrise!What is Savoring? This is the “taking in ” of certain aspects of life…Researchers have shown that doing this actually helps you achieve happier states. So…how do we learn to Savor? What about enjoying the things around us? By paying closer attention to things we enjoy in our lives, we create more zest, a greater sense of excitement around us! We enjoy and eagerly anticipate. ¬†Examples of this are wine tasters, meditators, people who appreciate music, and those who appreciate sights, sounds or nature. Psychologists studying happiness find that those who learn to Savor are raising levels of happiness for themselves.

So try an experiment and savor one experience a day. Practice this daily for one month. Reflect on this and see if you feel happier and more content by practicing this skill. Good Luck! Let me know how this went.

Embrace Life!


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