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Positive Connections and Meaning in Life

Take-Aways from Positive Psychology Workshop

It occurs to me, after doing a day long workshop on Positive Psychology that “we as people,” need lots of support to get through this life. We are better together than apart and can benefit from the relationships that develop and teach us things about ourselves.


I am grateful for all the people I come in contact with daily. My clients, groups and co-workers that demonstrate such wonderful strength, courage and tenacity in life. Life can be hard but certain kinds of perspective definitely helps us through. It is good to intentionally continue to keep the perspective of gratitude and striving to be better with the help of our relationships and spiritual growth. We all have common ground. A couple of those things are that we want to be happy (but don’t always know how to get there) and we want to feel we have a purpose we fulfill in life..that we had meaning and were able to leave some kind of legacy. Looking around ,there are many ways this is expressed.

Happiness: Feeling our Purpose

Some at very basic levels of feeling a purpose are people like our farmers and ranchers who produce the sustenance that keeps us alive. Others are those that feed our minds and spirits. Those of us who do the work that keeps us alive on other levels. All are needed and all our striving to provide meaning for our lives. Hopefully, we can all recognize this need for that desire and exactly what about that makes our lives worthwhile.

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