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Women Rising!

Taking a moment to discuss what it means to rise…You try so hard every day to do the best you can. Many days it is hard to see progress. If you are struggling a bit and need to see more progress, I would suggest three things:

  1.  Start your day smoothly and earlier than usual.  Allowing an extra 15 minutes.  Focusing on a primary goal for the day.  It won’t take long but it needs to be when things are quiet and no one is interrupting your thoughts.  Also, if you are faith-based, take a moment to pray and give over the outcome to a “higher power.”
  2. Examine your self talk during this time. Is it negative, downgrading, fearful?  If it is, try to clean it up and speak kindly and encouragingly to yourself. For example…”You work hard all day and the work you do is very good, so keep up the good work and finish one goal today! That will really give you a boost!
  3. Be good to yourself and say or do something nice for someone else.  It can be an encouraging text or sending flowers to cheer someone.  This will lift you both!

Try to do these each day for a month. These habits will help you Rise Up!  and Remember to…


Jackie Cleary



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