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Introduction to Happiness and Success

I am so excited to share with you what I am learning about Optimism, happiness, personal success and satisfaction! Happiness and success, we now know, are related. How we define success differs but… how we have come to know Happiness has become more known through research of people such as Dr. Martin Seligman and Sonja Lyubomirsky. There are others as well.  The journey we begin will take many turns but in the process we will become more skilled in understanding and finding how to be happy and increasingly more successful!

Today we will be discussing 7 tips for becoming happier each day. We will build on this information in the upcoming weeks.

7 Tips for growing your happiness muscle:

  1. Become more self-aware…what do you like or not like? What hobbies do you enjoy? Who do you like to spend time with? What makes you laugh?
  2. Set aside time to be with people you care about
  3. Spend time being centered in the “present”. This would be doing things like walking, smelling the roses, being with your pet or nurturing someone.
  4. Think of things you feel truly grateful for…, review that several times a day and write it down.
  5. Spend some time each day serving others
  6. Try to develop a healthier lifestyle with food and exercise added to your life
  7. Try to see challenges in your life as opportunities for growth!

All of these will be expanded upon and added to over the weeks. If you have questions email me at [email protected]  Also, keep track of what works for you. I’d love your feedback.

Reaching Beyond our limits!



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