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Becoming a Happier Person

Becoming a Happier Human


Many people talk about wanting to feel better. People experience many feelings coming to me for help. Some are depressed, some are anxious, some are lonely, sad, angry and just plain hopeless. They usually don’t know where to start or who they really are. They just know they want to feel different. People spend millions a year to feel different… on drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex and self-help books etc…


I have found this is very common to one degree or another. Many people just need a little coaching on the subject of personal change.


Several things are involved in the subject of change: self-awareness, confidence, belief, decision making, courage, resilience, persistence, overcoming obstacles and taking action (in no particular order).


My belief is that deciding to take any action can lead to a change in one’s life. The question is … what kind of change do you want and in what area? It’s helpful at times to ask a therapist or coach to find out where to begin. How do you know who to choose? A therapist is trained to understand certain things about your history and patterns or negative influences.  That can help you into a deeper understanding and self-awareness. Coaches help you explore your desires and achieve specific outcomes. I believe I am equipped to do both depending on the question and the need. It is also important to know where one is on the continuum of change because that will help you know where to begin the change process.


Once you decide where to start, I can help you understand where to begin to achieve your goals.


Everyone has the power to become a happier more successful person and I believe that all you need to do is reach out and that action alone can be the beginning of new possibilities for you. Give it a try and see where you might begin.

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