Women’s Self Care eBook

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Positive Connections and Meaning in Life

Take-Aways from Positive Psychology Workshop It occurs to me, after doing a day long workshop on Positive Psychology that "we as people," need lots of support to get through this life. We are better … [Read more...]

The Link between Happiness and Resilience and 10 ways to Build Resilience

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12 Things Happy People Do Differently

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Flourishing in Life, Love and Work…

I am back with more news from the field of Positive Psychology.  Today's blog will be about how Positive Psychology techniques help us in all areas of life. The research is showing us great things … [Read more...]


Blog post 11/6/2015 /Greed   I just returned from a trip out of the country. It was eye opening for me. Several reminders came up: we have very much wealth in our country and we sometimes … [Read more...]